Author Rose Sweetwater 

Author of Self Help, and Syfy, AiA member        



I am a veteran, student, and life coach. I live with my husband and three boys. I am thrilled to enjoy life as it comes while sharing my passion for writing with the world. Though self help is a calling, I have found fiction to be more my passion, and look forward to sharing my work with the world. 

I hold a background in criminal justice and have earned a Master's degree in Justice and Security Administration. Currently im working on my Ph.D. in mystical research at the University of Sedona. 

When I am not writing.....well I am always writing, taking that notebook every where I go... but when time allows, I enjoy water sports, and martial arts; sewing, and video gaming. 

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Consider the following:

*If one lives in perfection, what more can they aspire too.

*Analyze fear, break free, and evolve.