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Settlers of Earth(An Elquin story)

Prologue  (unedited)

Breathless and bloodied, Youkoni tucked long strands of unkempt hair behind her ears, wiped at the grit on her face, and starred at the little camera. She inhaled deeply looking up, then exhaled before returning her gaze, as she spoke, Youkoni refused to allow even the slightest hint of stress to touch her voice, though she could not hide it from her eyes. “Diplomacy has failed us” she shook her head, “I fear the only alternative…” she disappeared a moment, having heard her name called out in a panic.

      Several splatters of dirt covered the camera and sounds of both gunfire and energy blast could be heard. A moment later, her shaking fingers cleared most of the dirt away from the camera once again, and she continued. “…the only alternative is war. Diplomacy has been lost to what I can only describe as mass hysteria. We have failed in our efforts master council, and I fear only research will return.” She paused a moment and forced a smile. “Vishnu, I love you.”

      Turning her attention away from the camera now, Youkoni yelled out before disappearing “Agro” A moment later she was replaced with a very determined looking fighter who spared only a glance at the camera “Nesset, I will love you forever.” With little effort, Agro reached a bloody arm up above the camera and depressed a button. The camera shot up at grate speed, allowing for a brief aerial view of the ground. Several precious seconds was all the camera displayed before the cold of the planets upper atmosphere triggered its automatic shutdown.

      But seconds was all the council needed to identify the reason no one would be returning. The ground was littered with bodies of the dead and dying of both elquin and human alike. Explosions’ were ramped on both sides, and the ship could be seen on the ground burning. The entire ship, it had fallen from the sky somehow and its impact created a crater. The surrounding area was charred, and the remains of nearby shuttles were being set ablaze.

      Disabled shuttles provided cover for those still fighting, but their resistance was futile as the camera recorded the final moments of many. Youkoni had taken up arms in a desperate attempt to defend, but moments after the camera was launched, she too had fallen. 


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*If one lives in perfection, what more can they aspire too.

*Analyze fear, break free, and evolve.